Welcome, earthling!

You've landed on Planet Geek!

We're a friendly bunch of (Toronto) folks, open-source-oriented, environmentally-conscious, and volunteer-supported.

We work to keep e-waste (computers and related gear) out of landfill, putting it into the hands of those who can (re)use it.

UPDATE - donated gear we REALLY need!

Special thanks
goes out to Jumbleberry in Toronto for their recent computer donation. 
And thanks to everyone else who have donated gear to us over the last few years! We currently have a NEED for:
* LCD monitors 17" or larger
DDR3 RAM (memory)
* DVD drives of any type
* optical computer mice ("mouses"?)

Please look in your basement/closet/garage/storage locker!

We can always use:
- functioning PC system units
*Ideal minimum:  Dual core CPU - 2 GB RAM - 80 GB hard drive, with mouse and keyboard if available.
- any other working computer gear you no longer need

Donations of time and money are always welcome!
contact us regarding corporate / large-quantity donations)

Volunteer meet-up - Sunday afternoons

Still doing our bit! Join us for one of our volunteer sessions.

We meet on Sunday afternoons, to assess, fix and rebuild / refurbish donated computers. Come learn how to fix computers, install software and learn what free software is all about. Fill out our Contact Form or send us an email if you'd like to join us!

NEWS - recent accomplishments

Highlights - recent news

2015, 16 & 17 were very productive years for PG

- over 120 PCs found new homes

Way to go, everyone!

New PCs for Flemingdon Park clients!

Congratulations, Flemingdon Park clients and visitors. Flemingdon Park Ministry and PlanetGeek have partnered regularly to give away computers to users of the Flemingdon Park Food Bank. (made possible with donated PlanetGeek computers:)

Thanks to our partners, Pastor Beverley and Pastor Helena Houldcroft and the hard-working folks at Flemingdon Park! 

And a special mention in 2015 when we gave away computers to the Flemingdon Park Seniors with Linuxmint and installed 5 different languages for them. That was FUN FUN FUN YEH